The kidz are back

For the past four weeks I’ve had the most peaceful train rides on earth, it was school holidays and those rowdy little scoundrels were nowhere in sight. I could read a book, take a nap, and do just about anything I could think of. That feeling expired yesterday when schools re-opened, the Scoundrels are back and I’m not complaining, I sorta missed the vulgar things they liked to shout.

Because I know most of you will never experience a train ride from Soweto to Johannesburg, I’ll explain to you what is it about the kids that makes everybody above the age of 20 hate them.

  1. They are very disrespectful: Besides their fondness for curse words, they happen to be disrespectful to their elder. Whenever the door opens they’ll never wait for older people to get in they’ll push every one aside so that they can find a seat, leaving our mother’s to stand up and they are certain things kids shouldn’t utter whenever older people are around like “how good your boyfriend was last night”, “what a nice ass your teacher has” etc but these little brat say the most shocking things in front of older people.
  2. Train surfing: Probably the most dangerous sport in the Township where these kids run in and out of a moving train, ride on top of moving train and dodge 10000 volt cables and hang on to a piece of metal under the train doing acrobatics. When they do this the girls cheer them on saying things like “Dlala Dlala Mkhonyana” I remember this one time when this kid got electrocuted by a cable so much that he turned black and there was this smell of burning flesh in the air, that was not a pretty sight.
  3. PDA: The most annoying thing is the way they like to touch and kiss each other as though there is no one in the coach with them.
  4. Smoking: In Extreme cases they would light up a cigarette and smoke it showing no consideration for us non-smokers out there.

That about sums up the shenanigans of the high school kids on metrorail trains, I’ve missed their ignorance it’s entertaining when you haven’t had a long day but I’m quite sure I’ll be fed up with them in a couple of days.