I will follow you

I sometimes feel that I need to really grow and stop doing childish stuff, This morning I did such a childish thing that I’m ashamed of. I can no longer access my e-mail on my phone now that webmail decided to an upgrade so I decided to come to campus to check my e-mail. You guys know that I’m broke, the last time I was this broke was in high-school, so to save money for beer I board off at Park station instead of Ellis park Station.

Whilst walking to campus I happened to walk behind a chick and she thought I was following her, I became aware how scared she was when she started to walk faster because I was pissed of that someone would assume I’m following them I decided to up my pace as well. The lady realized that I’ve just increased my pace and she stopped and gave me an angry look, me being me I asked her what the hell was she looking at me like that for, and she said I’ve been following her and If I don’t stop following her she’ll scream and all the taxi drivers will deal with me. I stared at her for a while and told her to get the hell off, does she honestly believe that someone who looks like me would want to rob someone? Before she could say anything further I walked away People were starting to look at us and I hate being the centre of attention. Did I really have to do such a childish thing? I mean I could have just Ignored the silly girl when she started walking faster, I could have just ignored her when she started shouting at me but I had to shout back and make a fool of myself. I need to grow up.


3 thoughts on “I will follow you

  1. 2 thoughts:1) Shame dude poor girl. Ok I know its really not cool having people thing you are a thug. But be the better person!2) I also battle to connect to my campus mail from my cellphone. So when I know I won’t be able to get to campus I forward my campus mail to my gmail account. And gmail has a cellphone app you can download which lets you check your gmail. Its wonderfully convenient. You just have to check that it will work on your make of cellphone.So ja, thats just a thought if you want to try it 🙂

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