Bridget, WTF?!!?

I feel insulted, what the kcuf did I do to get left out, I’ve been a loyal reader for two months WTF?!
A month ago A certain blogger by the name of Bridget decided to stop blogging, I’ve visited her blog a few times to see If she has updated it with no luck. Today i decided to check if she’s updated it and she somehow decided to only allow readers by invite, That’s kcufed up Bridge and you know it. You should have had the decency to warn me before you pulled such a stunt. Thanks a lot bridget.
I just had to get that off my chest like breast reduction

2 thoughts on “Bridget, WTF?!!?

  1. I mailed her on FB bitching about that & she says that she has blocked it or something similar to that, only she can read it…..Oh well you are not the only one, so you can calm down ok!!!She promosed updates though!

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