White girls with soul: Amy crackhouse

The Hottest WGWS right now, And the greatest example why you shouldn’t go back once you go black. Apparently Amy Crackhouse used to date Black guys exclusively until she met her Husband, We all know what happened after that. Once you go back you shouldn’t go back or else you’ll end up smoking crack and having emphysema. Any way the I’m leaving you guys with a live version of the best Soul track since D’angelo’s ‘The root’ It’s called ‘Tears dry on their own’ Enjoy………

3 thoughts on “White girls with soul: Amy crackhouse

  1. Don’t mess with Amy….. the girl can sing no doubt! I worry about her though…….. kinda reminds me of a friend I once had, she stopped dating black guys too! So, so, sad!Love the song!

  2. once you go blaq>>>you must enver go back…hmmmm!! try vanilla my friend….you be singing hymns in a club…once u rock a white mamasita!!! she will have u on a straight and narrow in the bedroom!!!

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