Couldn’t think of an approriate title

Yesterday I made a post in my 3rd blog( I still don’t know how I manage to post on 3 blogs), I didn’t expect to have a reaction I had. The post was about the Zim Zoo ad featuring Mugabe as an ape singing in fanakalo, I thought the ad was irresponsible and I spoke about it and hell the comments I got were a little disturbing. I couldn’t believe that in 2008 the were still people who still negative stereotypes about Black Africans, I was right the world will always see us as backward and savage, but it’s not entirely their fault the media plays a large role.

Anyways there’s no point in complaining about people’s backward views about us darkies, I’ve applied for three posts yesterday I haven’t received a reply but I’m hopeful they will afford me the opportunity to work, I really don’t care about the company anymore, previously I had only applied at Hydraulic related companies now I wouldn’t mind if it is a manufacturing company. Beggars can’t be choosers I just want to get my training and graduate.


One thought on “Couldn’t think of an approriate title

  1. I was one of those who commented on your 3rd blog 🙂 Perhaps the question you should be asking is, “is it really important?”There will always be people who’ll try to deride others. Perhaps it’s part of human nature that we try to make ourselves look good by making others look bad. And in our attempts to make others look bad we tend to focus on their weaknesses… The things which they are most sensitive about.So let it go! Laugh it off, because at the end of the day, none of it really makes any difference.

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