Some things shouldn’t be done by black people!

  1. Today at campus there was supposed to be a nude protest against the recent xenophobic attacks. I don’t know who organised the event, I saw the posters on Wednesday but I didn’t pay any attention to them. I don’t know if people actually came to support it but I doubt it, you see my campus happens to be a so called “black campus”, I think about 87% of student at the UJ-DFC campus are black. So whoever came up with the idea must have been smoking hashish, I mean look at the above photo of a nude protests against the war on Iraq, do you see any black person there? There are some things black people won’t do, even for a worthy cause and nude protests are just one of them. No one would want to get arrested in the nude. With that said, i have compiled a list of 5 things black people shouldn’t do…….
  1. Extreme sports:This goes for every S.African, Putting your life at risk for the thrill of it is not a good idea, staying alive in our violent society is extreme enough as it is!
  2. Listen to pop: Pop music is garbage there is so much good stuff out there, people need to stop being brain washed by Radio telling you what to listen to.
  3. Wear a Mohawk: It looks stupid
  4. Kill fellow blacks because they are Foreign: It makes no sense, considering the history of this country. Killing someone ’cause they are from another country is not that different from what the Apartheid regime did.
  5. Read lists telling them what not to do: We are all individuals and race doesn’t define how we should behave, if you feel like bungee jumping while wearing a mohican listening to Westlife on your iPod feel free to do it. Don’t let someone dictate how you should act!!!!