Aargh!!! ckuf it!!

Who am I kidding? I can’t live without liquid fire. Three weeks ago when I said I was going to stop drinking ’till September, I didn’t realize how dumb that idea was. I’ve been drinking hard liquor since I was 14, why on earth would I want to stop now? why would I want to torture myself like that. Before you start claiming that I have a dependency let me refresh you guys on why I said I won’t drink ’till spring. People close to me like to interfere with my business, they claim that they are worried that I might going back to my wild teenage ways, like I said I have been drinking since I was fourteen(2002) I was drunk on a weekly basis during my teens, but then I grew up(2005) and realized that getting sloshed is stupid, I haven’t been drunk since then. But I still drink from time to time, okay fine I drink( with moderation) on weekends. People close to me started getting worried about me, worried that I might go back to getting drunk again. To shut them up help ease their mind, I told them I won’t taste a drop of ethanol.
But that was a dumb idea, why should I entertain people who don’t trust my judgement, Haven’t I proven that I am a responsible drinker these past two and half years? I’m going to drink again! It’s very cold and since Eskom is about to start it’s infamous Load-shedding schedule I need something to keep me warm during the dark cold nights ahead. The ummmm beverage pictured above has always been able to warm me up in Winter, so starting on the 13th when I write my final paper, I’ll be enjoying the smooth taste of burned wine!!!
PS I’ve just finished writing Electrotechnology and I think I failed(sigh)

4 thoughts on “Aargh!!! ckuf it!!

  1. LMAO… Well at least you’re not like those people who say ‘I can quit whenever I want!’ and they never even make it past day 1!

  2. BTW – I read the post about the screwed up interview! Interesting! lol….and I read the response from that dude/person and WOW….. I’m inspired! I think it’s just what I needed for my ‘new life’!

  3. I’m inspired! I think it’s just what I needed for my ‘new life’!^^Last Domino did inspire, he has a very insipiring blog you should chech it out!

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