Aluta continua…..

Next week will be a very hectic week for me, I’ve been called for an interview on Monday and I’m kinda nervous about it, I effed up my first interview with Murray & Roberts cementation last month. That really broke my spirit ’cause that was an opportunity of a lifetime, I would have gotten the opportunity to work for a very large company, I would have learned a lot from them but I screwed that up. Anyway I have an Interview with a company I know a little about in a place I’m not familiar with. I’m a very paranoid person I’m worried that I will arrive late there, or say something stupid at the Interview.

On Wednesday I’m writing Electrotechnology and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish studying. I have to go through 7 chapters in less than five days. I bunked a lot of this semester and I’m starting to regret it, I don’t know half of the material I’m reading, I can’t do any derivation and It’s making me nervous. But I know that I’ll at least get the 45% I need to pass.

Wish me luck on My exams and Interview guys.


2 thoughts on “Aluta continua…..

  1. So how’d it go? The interview that is! And please explain how you messed up the other interview you mentioned! I’m sooo curious! Fingers crossed for ya for Wednesday! All the best…Go kick some exam *ss!

  2. sorry for not repying sooner. I’ve been busy studying and I couldn’t be able to read blogs, I just finished writing the paper and I think I might need to write a supplementary. the paper was horrible!!!. Rergading my first interview and how I screwed it up, just click here

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