I’m in!!!

I woke up feeling like I have just been hit by a burning Metrorail train this morning, My body is not used to not drinking at parties as a result I have a cold. The weather was also on some other sh*t, how is it possible to have rain in May I thought the Kalahari high pressure system prevents that from happening. I woke up two hours later than usual(8 pm) tried to take a shower but my sister had finished all the hot water, so I had to wait for the geyser to re-heat the water and that takes about two hours. I haven’t done my laundry in a month and I didn’t have any clean pair of jeans to wear so I took out the least smelling pair from the laundry basket( yippee). I knew then that it was going to be a long long day.

After taking a shower I left to catch a train but it was late as per usual( And Metrorail gets all surprised when people burn their train) It finally arrived 35 minutes later and a woman I was sitting next to was busy playing no one By Alicia Keys over and over again on loud speaker!! I wanted to ask her if she hasn’t heard of earphones but I got scared to do so. Women who travel by train are the most gangster, she probably would have gave me a shiner if I had asked her. After 45 minutes of bad R&B I arrived at campus. I was going to come to check if I had qualified for the exams and go back home, I wasn’t even going to blog today. But the results weren’t released yet, they were going to release them at about three o’ clock.

After spending time surfing the Internet reading the most disgusting( but terribly funny) post ever , I finally went to check my results and guess what. I’m in!!! I’ve made it, I qualified for the exams. My semester marks aren’t that good but I’m in none the less, But the sad part is I’ll be studying, I wont be able to blog as often as I would like to until the 13th(sigh).


3 thoughts on “I’m in!!!

  1. Yey! Kudos dude! Well done… now it’s time to work much, much harder!Oh yeah, THANKS A LOT! You know that ‘most disgusting but terribly funny’ post… gawdddddddddd…… SUPA GROSS! Being the curios cat that I am, I had to go and see! I’m grossed out rite now it ain’t even funny. I guess it’s karma! I made you lose your appetite now you’re making my lunch threaten to exit my body the same way it came in! yuck! You’re sooooooo wrong, guy! Sooooo wrong!

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