Weekend report

It’s Monday, I’m supposed to be at home studying for the exams but I’m not. I think all students get to a point where they don’t feel like studying, a point where every time you try open a textbook you feel nauseous, I felt like that this morning when I tried to start studying. I decided to board a train and come to campus to blog. I didn’t have a very fun weekend, I only had one function to attend. On Saturday my beer loving crew invited me to a braai at Zola. I wasn’t really up to partying this weekend, I was stressed and I didn’t think I could resist the temptation to drink.

I met them at their home at about three thirty in the afternoon( we were supposed to leave at 14h30). When I got there they weren’t even dressed yet, they we busy watching the final between Sundowns and Black aces. At about four Sbhu’da arrived with his new effing car( a second one in 2 years), we congratulated him on his new purchase, we were happy for him but we were all a bit jealous. Sbhu’da is only a year older than me, he started working two years ago but he’s already driving a Golf 5 while I’m still travelling by train, still stuck at this old campus, still having to deal with rude librarians( damn). We got in his car and arrived there at about 16h47. The braai was pretty boring, whoever said you don’t need booze to have a good time must have been drunk. I sat there drinking juice while every body was having nice cold beers, the music was annoying me. I was very tempted to drink but I didn’t. I feel so proud of myself.


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  1. When everyone around you is smashed and you aren’t…. it’s pwetty funny, lookin at the stupid isht they do!!!Besides… only boring people get bored, don’t make me think that you are…………… boring of coz!

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