It aint safe no more!!

This morning me and my friend were sh*t scared, we were both scared for different reasons. you see my friend is dark in complexion and I am a bit light skinned, when we arrived at Jo’burg park station we realised that the City centre was deserted. Never in my life have I seen the city of gold deserted! yesterday in Mariston Hotel, a block away from campus, foreign nationals were getting attacked by South-African, police came and fired rubber bullets at everyone. My friend from Mozambique told me that the foreign nationals could retaliate, so when my friend and I were walking to campus we were scared that he could be attacked by South-African for being Dark-skinned and I could get attacked by foreign nationals for being Light-skinned.
I didn’t think it would come to this. When the xenophobic attacks started in Pretoria a month ago I didn’t think a month later 22 people would’ve been dead in one week, I didn’t think that we would have daily incidents of xenophobia. Why do we do this to each other as black people? why would we burn a father to death in front of his children? do we hate each other so much? When I saw the front page of the Sowetan this morning and I cried, I haven’t cried since high-school but when I saw the picture of that man who was burned to death I was heartbroken. How can people be so cruel? how can they kill a man in such a cruel and inhumane way? I cannot imagine the pain the families of the dead people are feeling right now, they came to South-Africa because of the turmoil in Zimbabwe, DRC, Kenya etc and we are treating them like animals. Africa belongs to all Africans, the people we are killing are our brothers we share something common. I don’t understand why we kill our brothers, why a guy with a Zulu surname would kill another with a Zulu surname it isn’t right. Where’s the Humanity

4 thoughts on “It aint safe no more!!

  1. OMG… I couldn’t have sed it betta me-self! It scares the life outta me… I hope it ends soon…for all our sakes!

  2. I hadn’t seen this picture till I was browsing your blog this afternoon…And I couldn’t even work after I saw it.I see why you cried.

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