Weekend report

I haven’t done these in a while, hell this was the weekend where I was going to have my last drinking session(s) so I had to make sure that it is at least not as boring. So this is what happened this weekend

Friday: As you all know I have been searching for a company that will offer me my 12 month compulsory training so that I can graduate. Well Friday my campus’ EMF( Engineering Mechanical Forum) decided to take a trip to a company visit, the company has a serious shortage of technicians so they invited our campus there to try to convince us to work there. The company is in Heidelberg, so we left early( at about 9:30am) when we got there, the HR guys took us to their conference room, gave us snack and did a presentation about their company and told us about the opportunities we will have if we choose to work for them. After the presentation we went for a factory tour where we saw how they manufacture their product, they told us that the company pays 75% more than the other companies and we were impressed. After the tour they took us to their cafeteria where we had lunch, we had the best samoosas ever. And then……….they invited us to their bar, a bar inside their factory. I drank a whole bottle of Amarula liquor cream and I didn’t even get tipsy. This would be a really good company to work for, they treat their workers with respect ( Including their cleaners), they have a bar inside their factory, they pay good money and they made an effort to impress us. The problem is it’s a tobacco company, the second largest producers of cigarettes in the world. I don’t know if I should go against all I believe in and work for an industry that’s responsible for creating a product that causes lung cancer, heart disease etc, I’m kinda desperate for income at the moment and I’m tempted to say F**k you to my conscience and apply there.

Saturday: I went to that wedding I told you all about about, the one where my friend is marrying a girl 5 years his senior. well I wish I hadn’t went there, I think they must have read my blog ’cause when I got there they didn’t want to talk to me. I didn’t understand what the hell was wrong, everybody was ignoring me and treating me like a leper. After the wedding, there was suppose to be a braai to celebrate and I wasn’t invited there I decided to gatecrash the gig but it was obvious I was not welcome there so me, my best friend and my best friends little brother went to a bar and we had about 24 bottles of beer. I was tired so we left and when we got home we had half a bottle of Southern comfort and I went to sleep.

Sunday: I woke up to news that foreigners are getting shot at in the Johannesburg CBD, 13 have already died because they happened to be born north of the SA border. I really thought that the xenophobic attacks would stop, but black people are still killing each other over stupid things, what a said week it is. The racist blogs are having a field day with this. Later that day I had what was remaining of last nights Southern comfort and I realised then and there that that was my last drink ’till September, the tought scared me, How on earth Will I cope without booze? how will I be able to socialise? what are my weekends going to consist of? how will I be able to deal with my loneliness? I realised that I might have just been fooling myself, even though I don’t get drunk from the alcohol I consume, I might be using it to run away from my problems.


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  1. LMAO at the wedding bit! You should have asked them what their problem is! About the Tobacco company, well I think sometimes you have to be flexible – you know, make exceptions – to get where u wanna be… think of it as a stepping stone! Bad influence, i know…Oh, that reminds me, have you heard the story about the dude who went for an interview at a tobacco company/factory place thingy. Well, if ya haven’t here goes… So the dude goes for this interview and after a few questions have been thrown back and forth the interviewer sez ‘Are you a smoker’ So he sez ‘No’. Then the interviewer says to him, ‘Well how are you going to sell cigarettes if you don’t smoke?’ So the dude goes, ‘Well, I’ve been working at a dog food company for the past ten years. I don’t eat dog food!’Needless to say, he got the job.There ya go… some useless info for ya! Hope it makes yo decision making easier! Haha

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