To TVSA users……..

Last year after my summer examinations I found myself bored I didn’t have anything to do and I was about to go crazy. The Campus was still open then and I found myself going there everyday surfing the net I happened to stumble upon a site about TV, since I was practically raised by television( I used to stay at home after while my mother, father and sister went to work back, I did this since I was 14) I thought I was qualified enough to say something about TV. I set up a blog called //YAWN/// And for the whole week I talked sh*t. The campus closed on the 15th so I didn’t blog there for two months. When I got back to campus I decided to start blogging again, everything went well until some idiot disabled the comment function of my blog comments were mysteriously disabled, I don’t know how that happened.

I was pissed I assumed that some of the moderators did this on purpose since they had a habit of threatening to disable people’s posts whenever they feel that they are “inappropriate” so I decided to leave the site, by leaving I don’t mean not going there ever again I meant not posting anything there again, I still read Shuga’s bloggiwood. I decided to do a post about leaving the site in my South-African blog back in February. I had already forgotten about the post until I started getting Hate-mail from TVSA bloggers accusing me of being an attention seeker, using their beloved TVSA to get readers. Some even left amusing comments like:

Aquilogy, I undersand that it’s very difficult to have a blog created on tvsa, but I did them and never had a single problem with that. Well, it’s all about the level of a person’s IQ, mine is more, which means that your is probably less than 0. I mean REALLY, are the jobs so scarce in Mzantsi that you would resort to wanting to be paid for creating a blog? No, luv this attitude of yours will lead you no where. You have an attitude problem, maybe you need to try counselling or something. You’ll only be able to network more, then get a job through that, after you had about 4 or 5 sessions. Neh Luv? sure ke sweety

I was really surprised by the reaction I got, I guess they thought their words would somehow hurt me. But I found the whole thing amusing, the fact that grown-ass people would love a mere website so much that they would go out of their way to send an innocent 20 year old blogger like myself hate-mail is really amusing. I laughed when I read your e-mails, the words you came up with to describe me where funny, I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Queen of boredom”.

I thought the four TVSA bloggers who sent me hate-mail were better than that, I really did. I didn’t think you guys would stoop so low, It’s really sad. Sad because a certain white columnist suggested that Africa benefited from colonialism and that without it black people would still be living quiet lives herding cattle killing each other because of tribalism and breeding if the white men didn’t come to Africa, he said this and you didn’t send him hate-mail, sad that black people are still getting beaten up at South-African Universities for dating white people and forced to take cold showers for hours and you are busy calling me “queen of boredom”. You choose to waste you time and mine by sending me dumb sh*t, how sad. I guess that’s how dumb people roll these days………