I love Jogging in Winter

As you all know I have been jogging almost daily since last Monday. So this morning, for the first time, I managed to run a whole kilometre without stopping and I am really proud of this achievement. I actually thought I had gotten so unfit it would take me months before I could be able to run a kilo without stopping to catch a breath. I am really enjoying waking up early in the morning, put my running shoes and just run.

I decided to start jogging for health reasons, I wanted to be fit again. I didn’t do it to loose weight, I kinda enjoy being chubby, When I gained weight I found out who my real friends were. I started to see that to most of my acquaintances, I was just a lady puller, a way for them to get closer to girls at parties. They knew that I have an inexplicable effect to women, I still don’t understand it, women , I mean girls just get bedazzled whenever I’m around. Thus only happens to females under the age of 23, I haven’t been able to work my magic on older women, I guess they know better than to kick it with a deranged egomaniac like myself. Anyway I’m really enjoying jogging in the cold, there something about it. It’s still dark so I get to do it in peace without attracting too much attention, I don’t know what it is but people always stare whenever they see an overweight person doing some sort of physical activity. It’s very weird, aren’t we supposed to be jogging? damn. Another thing I like about jogging in winter is that it’s well cold! you don’t sweat so much and you body doesn’t overheat you end up doing more work than you could’ve done in the summer. And the hard work is paying off, I think I have lost a couple of kilos I’m not sure I dont have a scale but I think I did My jeans are a bit looser than they were a couple of weeks back.