Weekend report

For the second week in a row my weekend wasn’t boring, it was hectic. My body has started to protest already, telling me to slow down. As a result of not sleeping at all on weekends I have a classic case of flu. My nose is runny, my throat is scratchy and i feel like crap. I had one of the best weekends for the year, I haven’t had this much fun since I stopped going to clubs three years ago. My beer loving friends invited me to Spijo’s farewell party, it was held on Saturday. There I was asking myself why on earth was I attending a farewell party for someone who left a month ago, was I turning into a beer loving person1) myself. I wondered what effect does having beer loving friends have on me? And why doesn’t having well-off friends have the same effect?

Anyway the party was a success, I didn’t have the same amount of beer that I had the previous week but I had fun anyways. The party was supposed to begin at 16h00, but you how us darkies like to arrive fashionably late at functions, so it started at 18h00 instead. We danced enjoyed each other’s companies until the “older group” decided they wanted to leave at about 10pm. and since this “older group” made up 95% of the people who came the party had to stop. Everybody left, well everybody but us, we were about 11 and since there were about 5 packs of beers left we had to stay and finish them, we are africans and we don’t let sh*t go to waste.
So we drove to another destination were we partied till dawn

1) For the record, my beer loving friends are not drunkards they are genuine lovers of a mixed of hops, barley malt and water. Everytime we go to functions non of us gets wasted, drunkeness is for teenagers, women with low self-esteem and irresponsible men who have no respect for themselves.