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I’m very exhausted, the fact that I’m broke kept me awake. When i got to the campus’ Computer centre i checked my e-mails to see if any company has replied my applications, and they didn’t, i just don’t get it, i sent my CV to more than 10 companies yesterday and not even one of them had the decency to send an e-mail that my application has been rejected. This really gets me down, all my friends have secure a company to do their Experiential learning and I’m the only one who hasn’t.

I went to Amatomu to check on SA’s Bloggosphere and i stumble upon this blog. I almost got angry, but i’ve learned to ignore the ignorance of ignorant people. This blog was in response to the one from theendsa. A few things made me want to scream when i read it, He claims that the current black government doesn’t feel the effects of the Apartheid regime, but the reality is that when the current government came to power they had to fix a lot mess the racist government made, the racist government made sure that the infrastructure serviced only the white minority, there were no tarred roads in black areas, electricity always went off at night. The education system in township school was way inferior to that of White schools( It still is).

And Wogan you say that you live in a country were a small minority of rich white folk have to pay taxes to enable the government to support the “underprivileged” who, in the face of all this easy food, shelter, power and money, simply refuse to get a job and contribute to the economy. Of course you do, The rich whites are rich because their ancestors exploited this country’s resources and the black majority got poor because the Apartheid regime made a system of education that trained their parents to becomes gardeners and maids

Your claims that the colonialists gave Africa a chance to compete are unfounded, the truth is when the British/French/Belgians/etc came here they didn’t come here to “civilise” they came here to exploit and when they were ready to leave they made sure that they still made money of of this continent, they still dictated economic policies, they Africans with a European model of running Africa and as a results things fell apart, so I suggest that you take the money your exploitative ancestors left you and purchase this book and read it before you make statements like that.

Your argument that Rob shouldn’t comment on SA since he lives in Canada is stupid, i can say the same thing and say that since you live in a mostly white community and never lived in the Townships you can never really know the extent at which the Apartheid regime eff’d things up for non-whites.

You say you know many non-whites who think that it was the Apartheid system is better than this one, please! no self-respecting person would make a statement like that, nobody in their right mind would think that the abduction, torture etc of innocent people was a good thing, nobody can think that the education system that taught non-whites to be unskilled labourers is a good thing. So please tell your “Black, Indian, coloured” friends that they are the most shameful sell-outs, have they forgotten the murder of Steve Biko, The Sharpville Massacre and the 1976 student uprising where student were shot dead!

Your last statement says a lot about you Wogan

And if you manage to survive the trip, not get robbed or stabbed at the airport by black gangsters, get attacked by a black youth gang while moving through Cape Town, have your vehicle stolen for spare parts by a black hijacker, get arrested and brutalised by the black police, and get sodomised by blacks on the bus you’ll have to take,

You claim you are not prejudice towards black folk and yet you think all Gangsters, Hijackers are

Some white folk don’t get it, the reason things are so shitty is Apartheid and Colonialism and making a whole lot of White noise won’t change that fact!



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  1. Fucking-A, well put Aquilogy. And thanks for alerting me to Wogan’s response I was unaware of it. I too have now vomited, maybe I should charge him for cleaning my carpet.

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