You know your life sucks when…….

….You have a personal blog and find nothing to post for days.
I last shared my thoughts with the world on Friday and since then nothing, i repeat nothing, exciting happened to me. In fact i did nothing but study this weekend and this week nothing spectacular occurred in AQUILOGY’s world. My life is getting more monotonous everyday, i wake up, take a shower, run to catch a train, get to campus, come back home and sleep and that’s about it, and it’s starting to affect me.

I know i sound pathetic, maybe i am, hell I’m only 21 and I’m already living a boring life, this should be the time when i have the most fun, but it’s very having fun when you got only 2 friends?

Anyway i finally wrote that electros test that i was studying for and i wont be surprised if i fail it and i don’t care, maybe i do, if i fail it I’d have to come back to this erffed up campus again, and pay for another six months of hell, and I’m not prepared to do that. Autumn recess is starting next week and I have nothing planned to do, I’m gonna have to endure 2 weeks of boredom( damn)


One thought on “You know your life sucks when…….

  1. There ARE others who are more bored than you are. ME. I do pretty much the same shit as you do. I go to the same campus. And instead of a stupid train I ride a stupid bike. Code all day and night everyday and yet have low grades. Hope that answers your question.

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