Couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this one

Crap it’s been a while hey, i just can’t find the right inspiration to post here. I’m all stressed out from studying and all my attempts to increase readers are proving to be futile, but it’s okay life goes on somehow. I had quite a boring week i just studied for the upcoming Electrotechnology major test and finished reading the book that i wanted to read for so long, Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe, and I’m surprised that i enjoyed it, it’s probably the only fiction book i’ll enjoy, i hate fiction.

I had another epiphany this week, i seem to be having a lot of those lately, you see i set up my south-african blog recently because i wanted to talk about stuff affecting SA and everything was going fine, in fact the blog was more succesful than i had anticipated, i had an average of 295 hits per day. But then i announced on it that i was black and i was from SOWETO, wow then something weird happened my blogstats took a nose dive, and i think it’s because i r a darkie and 95% of bloggers in SA happen to be pale faced.