Another social function, crap!!!!!

I think the universe is against me, no really for some reason, when things start to look good for me, something bad happens, take last year for example, just when i started to enjoy studying i had an eye infection five days before my Theory of Machines exam as a result i failed the subject. Fast forward this year, the system at our campus crashes just when i get used to blogging, now i have to fork out money so that i can use the Internet just outside campus. damn.

Anyway tomorrow i will be forced to attend the launch of EMF( engineering mechanical forum). I really don’t like social function, i usually get bored easily by drunk 20+ year old acting a fool
I don’t know how I’m going to survive that, i don’t wanna come off stand-offish but i don’t think I’ll be doing any socialising there I’m just gonna eat, drink and leave.

I then have to attend a party my former high-school classmate is throwing on Saturday, i don’t really wanna go there but i have to, many people expect me to. I’m kinda nervous about it though, you see I’m not the same person i was in high school, i have changed for the better, in high school i used to be a very social person, i was always the life of the party, i went to almost all parties, got drunk and did stupid things, like take my clothes off, people will be expecting that sort of behavior from me, and i think they will be highly disappointed……..