Racism in South-Africa’s blogosphere

I know i said i won’t post anything here until i find a good concept for this blog but i just had to let the world know about this. I don’t usually discuss racism but something really shocked me. two days ago i did a story in my south african blog about Dr Irvin Khoza chairman of the 2010 soccer world cup commitee you see Dr Irvin said Journalists should stop thinking like kaffirs, kaffir is the South african equivalent of the word nigger i had one comment and it was very racist the comment went something like this…..”Unfortunately Dr Khoza is correct. That’s the problem with the black people since 1994 – they still act like k….firs, or in other terms, heathens. Most of them are heathen preferring witchdoctors and sangomas to western medicine. I mean they rape little girls thinking they are going to be cured of AIDS. Now that’s being k….ferish.
The black nation gets so uptight about every little thing and love the word “racist”, but we whities have to suck it up when we are referred to as whities, red-necks and europeans (wtf, I was born in SA, not Europe). “
So the person commenting here claimed that blacks raped their own kids to cure AIDS if this isn’t racism what is? another blogger did this story and the same woman who commented on my blog said…….”i applaud you on this post. They (you know who) don’t hesitate to scream “you are racist” when you complain. They can treat us like shit but we daren’t call them racist, hell no. But let us treat them like they deserve to be treated, and we are racist. I do the same thing – Call centres “put me through to a white person please; “why”, “because you are stupid and I don’t understand your very bad bad English – that’s why”.

Maybe the woman assumed i was white when she made that comment( The Majority of bloggers in South Africa are white) but was she said was totally unacceptable this proves that even after apartheid was abolished 20yrs ago racist attitudes are still alive in South-Africa