I bet you think this blog is about you

Walking through the street of Johannesburg this morning on my way to campus, all i see are school kids in red( a Valentine tradition in S.Africa) i was reminded of how much i hate this day it reminds me of love, it reminds of that someone who my heart out of my chest and sh*ted on it. I remember when i met early 2006, when we first made eye contact when she agreed to be mine, i’m remember when she told she loved me, when she slowly melted the ice in my heart, made trust again, i remember the vest months of live. But then she went behind my back and tried to seduce my friend broke my heart into a million pieces, almost ruined my holidays. I still haven’t gotten over that, she ruined me, now i find it hard to trust women. I wonder if i will ever love someone like i did her, i hope so ’cause i can’t live like this forever.