Smokers make me sick

today on the train on my way to campus i shared a train with the most inconsiderate human being. As i was sitting listening to my MP3 player i started to smell cigarette smoke, i detest the smell of cigarette so i politely asked him to put his cigarette out and he looked at me as if i was a crazy person then continued smoking i asked for the second time and showed him the no-smoking sign right above him by the door and then he angrily said to f…k off that this are not the white surbubs if i hated smoking i should use a taxi insteaded. I wanted to punch him in the face but i’m better than that. Now this wasn’t the first time a smoker was disrespectful to non-smokers nor was it gonna be the last smokers don’t care about other people they don’t care that it’s illegal to smoke in public they make me sick, if they want lung cancer that’s fine but don’t put our health at risk bloody bastards!!!!!!!!!!