the wrap up ’07

this is my last blog for 2007(the worst year of my life)
and i dont know what to say, this year has been extremely stressful i don’t know how i managed to make it but i’m thankful for my friends who supported me through all my hardships i don’t know how i’m going to enjoy this december i got my results and i failed Theory of machines III on top of this i have not found any companies to hire me as an intern that means i have to come back to this campus again and be subjected to protesting students and trigger happy racist cops im not looking forward to coming back again. i’m tired, tired of everything, tired of travelling in overcrowded trains to get to the campus, tired of the rude lecturers, tired of not spending time with people who care about me, tired of sleeping late at night and waking up in the morning just tired but i guess i have to suck it up for another six months(Damn)

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