The strike at DFC campus is supposedly over i missed a week of lectures and i don’t know how i am going to cope next week. Here are my thoughts on the strike.

1. The leaders of the SRC are just too lazy to study to study that is why they always organise these riots during test weeks, how else can you explain the fact that these marches always coincides with test and exams and the fact that most src leaders are repeats who have been in this campus since 2003

2. South African cops are stupid at firing rubber bullets randomly at everybody regardless of whether or not they were marching. one idiot cop even told me that they wont be ruled by student that if students are stubborn they will shoot them

3.the security here at the doornfontein campus is a joke. how is it possible that classes were disrupted only at this campus and not at the kingsway campus is it because the majority of learners here are BLACK

4. BLACKS ENJOY RIOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. The strike was a waste of time since the fees won’t get increased never……..

I hope i don’t get beaten up by the SRC for this.